Saturday, March 5, 2011

Muh-muh-muh March

Thank you to all who contributed to this month's newsletter! There are several great upcoming events, and this month's update is brought to you by the letter Q. Read on to find out why. Don't worry, it won't be very hard to figure out! And keep on reading because we have a SPOTLIGHT this month! Yay! I love doing spotlights.

Coming up-get your calendars ready!

Cheri Chesley, author of The Peasant Queen, is having a joint singing with Michael Knudsen, author of The Rogue Shop! They will be at Starry Night Books on Saturday, March 12, from 2-4 p.m.

Did you know there is a Writer's Fest, March 25 at Clarke Johnson Jr. High? Well there is, and there is a signing afterward at The Purple Cow Bookstore from 4-6 p.m. Cheri Chesley and Karen Hoover may possibly be signing there as well. Come support our members!

Laura Bastian is in the query process with her manuscript, Eye On Orion! She has also started a blog and you can check it out on our link list to the right! Please sign on as a follower! Laura will be doing book reviews and welcomes all to participate!

Melanie Skelton shared a link for the WIFYR conference, coming to Sandy June 13-17. Check it out HERE. That is, the Writing and Illustrating for Yound Readers conference. She has been before and says it's amazing, and totally worth the cost. Melanie is attending Kathleen Duey's morning session. If you are interested in carpooling please get in contact with her. This sounds fun, and I know we have many writers who write for a young audience. Great info, thanks Melanie!

For March, we'll be spotlighting Terron James, one of our newer members. And if you are yourself a "newer" member, or an "older" member, and have yet to be spotlighted, then tough cookies, you didn't send me anything! Actually, I'm kidding, the cookies aren't tough at all, you can send me info at any time.

Meet Terron:

"My name is Terron James. My wife and I have 3 sons and we've lived in Tooele for 3-1/2 years. We love it here! Although I work for an engineering company in Salt Lake City doing right of way design for UDOT, I am currently attending the U of U for my BA in English. Above all else, I want to be a published author. I started writing seriously in August of 2008 and just finished Insight, the first book of my fantasy / sci-fi series, Beholders. Once I finalize my query letter package (hopefully within a week), I'll start hunting for an agent." blogger edit-Terron is currently in the query process!

"I love The Lord of the Rings books, including the Hobbit and Silmarillion. I'm one of those nerds you've probably heard about that can't find a good challenge in Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. Yes, I even have maps of various locations in Middle-Earth hanging all over the walls in my garage. I also enjoyed the Inheritance books, but I was pretty annoyed with the 3rd book, Brisingr. Call me sometime if you really want to know why, but plan for a long conversation."

Thank you and welcome! Hope to see a large turnout at our next meeting. Remember, third Thursday of each month!

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  1. Terron, Nice to meet you. ;) And I also didn't like the Brisingr book, but I think it was because when I started it, I thought it was the final in the trilogy, only to get to the last 50 pages and worry that there was no way to wrap up a monster series in that many pages. Then the last section was an excuse on how he needed a fourth to finish the "trilogy". Oh well. Some day we'll have published books that people can become angry about. But at least we'll be published.