Saturday, February 22, 2014

Formatting E-books...Nicole Grane's notes

Thanks again to Nicole Grane for sharing these notes!

This section of her notes details how to take a Word file that you've already formatted for Create Space and format it for e-books.

Creating an E-book doc:
1.       Format the text
a.       Copy the Create Space file to a new Word document
b.      Under the Page layout tab, click ‘margins’, then ‘custom’ and choose  8 ½ x 11
                                                               i.      This provides normal margins, not narrow…
c.       Take drop caps out
d.      Change after a word to … after a word
e.      First line indent .3
f.        Paragraph key—Special (first line) By 0.3
g.       Leave table of contents. Adobi adjusts it for you.
h.      Go line by line, page by page and check everything.
i.         Compress all pictures
                                                               i.      To do this, right click on the picture, then ‘format picture.’ At the top left click ‘compress picture’ and then click ‘okay.’
j.        Make sure the comment area is closed (Under the ‘Review’ tab, click ‘show markups’ and uncheck ‘comments’)
k.       No next page breaks or odd section breaks on the page art is on.
l.         A ‘next page’ section break is needed after a picture and also the page after, but not before the image.
m.    Go to ‘File’ tab. Save as ‘web page, filtered’ (click ‘yes’ to change the file) rather than as a Word document
Amazon e-book:
1.       Save file as: ‘web page-filtered’ to desk top (be sure to compress all pictures first—see above)
2.       Under ‘Review’ tab, click ‘show markup’ and uncheck ‘comments.’
3.       Open Mobi Pocket Creator
a.       Under ‘Import From Existing File,’ select HTML doc
b.      Choose file from desktop
c.       Click Import/Ok/Build/Build/Ok/Close
4.       Go to KDP Select
a.       Go to ‘book file’ and click to upload the book (browse)
b.      Go to Documents—my publications—find the titel of the book and select the e-book file—e-book file.prc (last one~white page). Select and open.
c.       Book Cover
                                                               i.      Take cover pic, crop and resize to 2000 on longest side

Barnes and Noble (Nook) E-book:
1.       Take Word document e-book file and save as web page HTM
2.       Take out all clip art/JPEG images
3.       Make sure to unclick comments under ‘Review’ tab
4.       Download onto Nook
1.       To make an ePub file (Calibre)
a.       Take e-file, save to desktop as Webpage HTM file
b.      Open Calibre, go to ‘add books,’ select file, add title name
c.       Go to ‘edit metadata’ and upload cover
d.      ‘Convert book’ to make it an e-pub file
e.      ‘save to disk’: select ‘save to disk’ and enter tab

2.       File will be found in documents, Calibre library, or check desktop to see if iit saved there.  Look for something like this: (Grane, Nicole)

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