Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November LUW Meeting

Hello Friends! Jennie here :) Wow I'm late doing this! It totally slipped my mind, but I remembered today and here we are. The first post since April, wahoo!

Why am I so late? Well it's November, duh, and that means NaNoWriMo for us writers! First up, the five of us that came to the meeting gave updates on our writing (we will be doing this in every meeting from now on) and we also welcomed our new member David! Or was it Harry? Oh yes, I remember now, Justin!

Then we decided to plan the entire years worth of meetings because no one showed up. Just kidding, we were going to plan the meetings with whomever showed up, no matter what. I'm also posting a poll below so that we can vote on other meetings.

The purpose of having the year planned is so that everyone can know what meetings they want to attend and plan ahead of time. Here's a list of each month, which can be changed depending on what you guys want.

(Reminder: Meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of every month, 6:30 pm, Tooele City Library)

January - Social Media. This one is cemented in. Terron and I will be talking about platform building and general computer-ish things. Then you all can be as awesome as I am ;)

FebruarySelf-publishing workshop (Roseanne and Nicole - surprise! We want you guys to host this one.)

March - Writing Prompts working with Voice and Style. There will be live writing so bring a notebook and pen.

April - Guest Speaker - Kelley Lindberg, Query Letter Workshop
In Kelley’s query letter workshop, you’ll learn the dos and don’ts of query letters, then take what you’ve learned and tackle each other’s query letters. So bring a draft of a query letter for something you’d like to submit. After exploring what makes a strong query letter and deconstructing some examples, we’ll look at your letters together to find ways to make them even better!

May - LUW social! Food, games, and good company. (maybe not the games ^_^)

June - Conference follow up. Anyone who attended LDS Storymakers will share tidbits learned from their favorite classes.

July - No Meeting (too many fun things going on during the summer)

August - Guest speaker. (if we can find someone who's not booked. Look at this list if you want to help us decide who should come.)

September - A publishing house will visit us to talk about publishing! (Redundant, I know. No publishing house selected yet)

October - Conference follow up. Anyone who attended LUW Roundup will share their favorite classes.

November - Not yet decided (please take the poll below)

December - No meeting. Happy Holidays!

Okay, now for the poll!

See you all in January!


  1. I voted. Those all sound like great meetings. Can't wait!

  2. I vote for Jennifer A. Nielsen as the guest speaker. Hopefully I'll be well enough next year to come to all these meetings; they sound great!

  3. This publisher is Utah based, maybe we could contact them? Also, Walnut springs is a great press, but I don't know if they come to places :)

  4. I second Jennifer Nielsen. I'd love to learn how to use humor in writing or at least how to know if it's not overdone.

  5. Here are my interests for guest speakers:

    K.C. Grant - Preparing your manuscript for publishing
    Ronda Hinrichsen - (Any)
    Margot Hovley - Writing Software
    Clint Johnson - Fact vs. Truth: Addressing Moral and Religious Concerns About the Fantasy Genre
    Kelley Lindberg - Query Letter Workshop
    Jill Vanderwood - Writing an Anthology
    Carolyn Campbell - Writing Query Letters

  6. If anyone is interested, I could do a presentation on using Scrivener (from concept to publishing).