Sunday, July 4, 2010


Upcoming Events:

July 15, 7:00 p.m.-Monthly Chapter Meeting
@ Cheri's house
We will be discussing writing a synopsis.
Photo entries are due at this meeting, don't forget!

August 19th-
Meeting at The Purple Cow bookstore, our speaker will be author J. Scott Savage! Everyone please plan to attend and support our Utah authors!


Critique groups are ongoing every other Tuesday. You can participate in person or by email. Contact Laura Bastian if you are interested in joining.

Laura is also over our Facebook Group page, befriend Laura DeLange Bastian to be invited to join!

Remember to bring your hard copy, original photo to our July 15 meeting to enter to win a gift card to The Purple Cow! A photo that has to do with writing/literature etc. It will be featured as our Facebook Group's profile picture!

Our spotlight for July is....drumroll please.......Emily Moir!

"I've lived in Utah for nearly twenty years and in the Tooele area for about fifteen of those years. I started out just shouting my stories at any family members that stood still long enough to fall victim. Eventually, I reached Kindergarten age and learned how to write. After that I started shoving my scribbled manuscripts at everyone instead. I primarily write fantasy and short psychological-horror. I'm currently writing a fantasy series with the working title of The Chronicles of the Gossamer Dreams. The first book (The Changeling Boy) tells the story of an eleven-year-old boy who discovers that he is actually a changeling warrior prophesied to save the fae existence. I have a few other stories that I'm looking forward to writing, but the chronicles characters are currently demanding all of my attention. I can't say I blame them though. I'd be rather demanding if I were living in a world about to collapse."

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