Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Welcome to the Tooele Chapter of the LUW's official spot for news and updates!

Our congratulations to our chapter president Cheri, she is having two short stories published in a book of collected works titled 'Angels Round About', hitting shelves soon!

Our chapter meetings are held the third Thursday of every month, at 7:00 p.m.
We'll see you all there on March 18th!

Thanks to those who sent their picture and bio as I requested. For those of you who have not, please do so! I realize I wasn't very specific when I asked for a short bio. I myself wasn't quite sure of my entire plan. A short "about the author" would be great for under your picture. Emlee and Scott, if you want me to change what is your picture caption, just let me know. I originally wanted only a few sentences to put under your picture on the side. Scott was the first to send me his (thank you!) and I enjoyed reading his bio so much, I thought it would be a great idea to do a monthly spotlight on all our chapter members! For the ones who already sent me their bio, if you want a different or longer bio for your spotlight feel free to send it over.

March is dedicated to Scott!

"I have always had an interest in science fiction, and any tale that would stretch the imagination. For several years, I wrote short stories on the Internet. I'd like to think my writing has improved as time passed.

In 2004 I watched a vampire movie and became inspired. I decided to write a story about my own little child of the night. She walked out of my mind and onto the page. I could see her clearly. Her long red curls and impish grin filled my head. I discovered her love for her quirky family and deep passion for the welfare of children.

Annabelle became my muse. She took over all my interest in writing. She demanded attention and I knew that I had to write her story. I finished the first book after two years of on again, off again writing. My family life is always busy and I have a full time job so sometimes it was hard, but I did it.

I sent it to many beta readers including two critique groups. The novel was read to two 6th grade classes. That was an honor.

Was it perfect? Heck no. I cut, added, trimmed, and changed the manuscript. I even took a year off to edit it with the help of those critique groups. Is it perfect yet? No. It will never be. Is it ready for agents and publishers? I'd like to think so. It'll go through more changes in the future and that's OK.

It met with some positive response. Some literary agents wanted to see partials and there were fulls, too. They met with the standard rejections and so I took that year off to edit. Now it's with a professional editor in hopes we can groom it for proper publication.

I'm still without an agent or publisher but I've got plenty of hope and faith mixed with hard earned realism.

The sequel is also finished but it's a rough draft. I have a timeline for the series as well as concepts for other types of stories.

So that's me. Pretty normal. I have a dream, I'm trying to achieve it, and we'll see how it goes."
Scott B.

Way to go Scott! Feel free to leave any comments!

I will most likely take this blog private very soon, so watch for your email invitation to read this blog.

Happy writing!


  1. Thank you so much! It means a lot.
    I really like the layout. This news blog is going to work out very well.

  2. Awesome. I'm glad you stepped up to be the secretary. This will be great. I'll send my info ASAP.

    Scott. What a fun Bio. I loved how you said Hard Earned Realism. I'm working on earning some of that myself.